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National Cathedral

We went to services this morning at the National Cathedral with our friend John. His prep school friends from out of town were singing, so he wanted to catch up with them. I've lived in MD for most of my life, but had never been to the Cathedral. It was impressive. Definitely reminded me of the time I spent in France & the old majestic buildings of Europe. Hymns, candles, tolling church bells, gargoyles, a sarcophagus...quite the reverence that Pete and I don't get to experience at our church. We go to a Presbyterian church, but we love the tradition of the Episcopalians. After the service, they offered prayers for healing, so we went and asked for whatever healing needs to happen for us to have a baby. It was nice.

Pete and John. They are actually admiring the state flags, not the architecture:

So much quatrefoil. I love quatrefoil.

The skies were blue.

Maybe Heaven smells like boxwood.

You leave with a crick in your neck.

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