Lost in Transition

The best way out is always through.

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Family snapshots.
We're at my sister Joy's house to watch my niece and nephew get baptized. Tonight, the sky turned dark & grey, the wind started blowing through the trees, and the thunder started rolling in. My kind of night. I took advantage of it by taking my dinner plate onto the screened-in porch. One by one, the rest of the family joined me.

Pete and Abby:

It was so relaxing, lounging outside, surrounded by relaxed family. Each of us had an iPhone out, playing Words With Friends or just farting around on the Internet, but we were still together. 20 years ago, we'd be sitting around a Scrabble board. This isn't as intimate but it was still a nice evening. My niece Abby borrowed my iPhone and amused herself by taking some self-portraits.
Abby and I:

My sister Joy:


My dad:

And last one, another of Abby's self-portraits:


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